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Paul's Cancer Blog

Paul's Memorial
December 13, 1954 - June 26, 2012

by Ann
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by Patrick
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by Lou
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by Barbara
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by Dealing With It Day By Day
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by Frank Baldizan
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by Kathyo
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by Mark
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by Donna
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by Amy
by Diane
by Lilsis
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by Helen Marshall
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by Fred
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by Laurie
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by Pen
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by Ann
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by Melissa
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by Pat C
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by Valerie
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by Cookiemookie
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This is Denise, Paul's wife... This morning at 3:50 am, my Marine went to be with his son, Paul Jr. I can't even imagine the party they are having right now in Heaven. He was sleeping peacefully when the Angels took him home. In his hand, clutched to his chest... he held the cross necklace that Mellissa had given him for Father's day. As my heart aches... I am relieved to know he is not suffering. He was surrounded by loved ones for the past few days and we and we all got to say goodbye and urged him to go be with his son, his parents, his brother... We will be having a memorial service at my mom's house in Lake City- the place where Paul and I were married... Where we started the journey as husband and wife... we will say our final goodbye. Friday June 29th at 2:00pm. 3840 S Lachonce Rd, Lake City. Please blanket the family in love as we mourn. He is a great man... and we won't soon forget his strength and his love. Thank you- Peace and Love to you all, Denise
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sending prayers to you and your family. may you find comfort in the love of the people around you. I am so very sorry. thankful for the party in Heaven right now!
Hello Denise. This is indeed shocking news. Paul had not posted in 7 months so I'm sure most of us assumed he was doing well. I'm very saddened by this news. He was great to blog with and I'm so glad I got to know him even under these circumstances. My deepest condolences go out to you and your family in this very sad time. God Bless, Frank
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Paul's cancer came back with a vengence. It had metasized throughout his body. On April 22nd... we found out. He went from Remission to terminal... He fought hard. Did ten full brain radiation treatments and kept getting sicker. He spent 34 days in several hospitals over the past 60 days. It went to his brain, lungs, adrenal glands, bones, liver and bladder. I am thankful the fight is over.. and do not think of this as a defeat. He won.. the ultimate prize. He is now eternal... just sucks for the rest of us who will miss him.
I am so sorry to hear this. You are right. He is out of pain and with your son. I always think of doing the 'happy dance' when someone is cancer free or in remission. Now father adn son can do the happy dance together. Hugs and prayers, Sandyjo
I'm shocked too. Like Frank, I assumed he was doing good. I'm so sorry for your loss. Angie
Denise I too, am so,so sorry for your loss and very shocked! Paul was a good caring friend here at BFAC to so many of us! I think we all thought he was doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and just know there are no Good byes, Just Good memoriess. I know Paul will be terably missed by all who knew him. There is a lot to be said on how a person writes. God Bless and I too, will miss him!
Peace and love coming your way. Paul will be missed.
Speechless again by sadness once again a warrior passes on high. Prayers and love to you all of course who carry his legacy we are all a little better having known him here fir a little while and being part of our little family. Stay strong your outlook seems good he is now eternal hopefully looking down on us all. Rest now Paul watch eternal over Denise we miss you bud.
I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. Peace and love during this very difficult time.
Denise, Paul fought so hard and his posts helped me so much. Please accept my deepest sympathy.
Denise, I didn't know he was so sick!!! I am so sorry! At least it sounds like you had a great marriage and a great family. I am also sorry for the loss of your son. Obviously, you have faith and know they are together with our Lord. Stay strong. BIG, BIG hug!!!
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Peg Tube

Havent updated in awhile, but i did have the peg tube removed. It was sort of weird when they pulled it. The doctor asked me if i would like to be sedated, or if i would just like them to pull it. I opted for no sedation so i could leave sooner. He kind of laughed and so okay then lets do it. He grabbed ahold of the tube and pop! It sounded just like pulling a plunger off a tile floor. Stung a little but not to bad. I was just glad to finally get it out! Eating pretty good now and running at the gym alot. The weight gain is slow but i really dont want it all back. I was diebetic before my treatments started and with the weight loss i am no longer taking any type of medication, so i would rather be thin than have to go back on meds. ENT looked at me a week ago and said they spotted a small bump on my leaf gum base and they want to do a biopsie in January. I told them it was from when they pulled my back teeth out,but they still want to do one. Really looking forward to that. Thats all for now. I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday season and a great New Year!
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Excellent news. I, too am enjoying the weight loss results and you're off medication which is the greatest thing in the world. I loved the POP of the tube coming out - I didn't get the option of 'sedation' and enjoyed the stupid thing not dangling around in the shower or rubbing in my shirt all day. Keep on healing and conitinued good luck.
Hey Paul. It's good to hear that you're doing well. At least you got the option of sedation to get the tube pulled. I didn't know my gastro doc was going to just pull it out and I didn't have time to tense up. It did hurt! Great to have it out isn't it? If you're running, then I know you are doing quite well. I too no longer have diabetes symptoms with my 80 lb loss, although we will always have the desease. We just need to keep our weight down. It's great not to have to take those pills and in my case, injections. As for the biopsy, just let your ENT do it. Better to be on the safe side. As much as our throats have been through, a gum biopsy is nothing. I hope you finally got to eat that hamburger you wanted months ago. Enjoy the holidays bud. Regards, Frank
Congradulations!!! I am glad you could get rid of your PEG tube!!!
Great News thanks for the update. Also great that you could get off the meds! Good Luck to you in the future! Hugs Val
I was so happy to get that damn tube out, eating better now. Having the endo guy pull the tube out was very creepy but like I said happy happy happy.
Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Hugs. and prayers for your biopsey. Sandyjo
 Thank you very much much! God is good.
Oh dang!! Good thing I pulled up your profile. Happy belated birthday Paul. Regards, Frank
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